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Axis Tank Update - Pay What You Can


Our release goal for the Axis Tank D/E Cup is New Year's Eve!!

We promised to give the whole updated pattern for free to everyone who has previously purchased the Axis Tank, and we stand by it! If you've already purchased your Axis Tank and you appreciate our work, we are putting out a Pay What You Can Tip Jar to help get us to the finish line! 


During the pattern development, we realized the Axis Tank D/E Cup would not just be a simple Style Update Project, it would need to be an entirely new pattern. We have been working on it for the past year, and it is very expensive to have our whole team working on a free pattern for a whole year. And to be honest with you, we are having a really hard time right now. So we would like to give you the chance to help us stick to our ethics, but also stay in business!

If you are excited for the D/E Cup version of the pattern, appreciate the pattern update, or would like to show your general support for us, we have made a Pay What You Can Tip Jar to help us get to the finish line on this pattern release! Thank you so much 🖤

This listing will not purchase the pattern, if you have not done so. This is just to show appreciation for the update! To purchase the Axis Tank you can visit the B/C cup sizing, the D/E cup sizingand the bundle including both size ranges


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