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Be Here Now - Downloadable Art Print

Be Here Now - Downloadable Art Print


This is a downloadable PDF Art Print.

Sometimes I'm just flying all around trying to get stuff done, and I don't even pay attention to what's happening!! It's a good thing that I live in a quiet neighborhood, cause I walk into the street without looking all the time. Like, way more than anyone could and still be alive this far into their life. 

Print download link will be emailed to you after checkout. It will arrive in a PDF file format. Simply click to open, and print at 100% without scaling. You can download the print up to three (3) times, so make sure you download it on your personal computer and keep it filed in a safe place! 

This print can be sent to a print shop! If you're not into printing at home, you can take this file to be professionally printed. It is a PDF and will print to 8.5 x 12 inches, but can be scaled to any dimension!

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