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Dyadic Minimalist Sleepmask - Gunmetal Linen


So you're looking for the perfect eyemask- Good thing you're here cause we've made it! The Dyadic eyemask has a really minimalist, pared down shape and super soft satin elastic straps. It's lined in a super black bamboo jersey, which is ecofriendly, antimicrobial, wicked soft, and feels so cool and gentle on your face. Sandwiched between the bamboo lining and the glamorous metallic linen on the front are two layers of soft flannel, to help keep the light out and make sure everything's all soft and snuggly. It's also got something we're really excited about: instead of the one standard strap, we use two adjustable straps to hold it comfortably on your head without slipping down or off. Literally, it's so comfortable, it feels like you're not wearing anything at all!

STYLING TIP Wake up very early and go out for a walk. Get back in bed an have a few mimosas while watching your favourite show. Put on your Dyadic eyemask and go back to sleep for a couple hours. Ahhhh...

SIZING TIP The bands at the back are adjustable, so it'll fit anyone!


Each item is handmade just for you, and may take between two to four weeks to be completed and shipped to you.

Available in One Adjustable Size. 

If you’ve got a body, we can make underwear for you.

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