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Melba Undie Mouse - Downloadable PDF Sewing Pattern


This is a downloadable PDF Sewing Pattern.

PROJECT SPECIFICS If you thought you didn't need a small mouse wearing incredibly glamorous lingerie ensembles, think again. Think again right now!

Meet Melba Undie Mouse, who will wear anything fancy but highly prefers lingerie. Best marks for sequins, glitter, silk, metallic leather, and stripy socks. 

The Teeny Triangle Bra is, in fact, the teeniest triangle bra on the market. We love using it as a frame bra, or adding in sheer or glittery fabric. The Micro Corset is excellent in leather or other stiff, non-fraying material, and can be made with or without cups. The Petite Tasseled Pasties are the highlight of my life, and I hope to the heavens that you will make them. Slim Undies are perfect for any material from leather to jersey to sequins, and the Bitty Knickers can be darted or gathered depending on your material and preferences. Tiniest Sock is the pinnacle of my achievement. Choose glitter mesh or single thread striped jersey to make striped socks, my favorite.

SUGGESTED MATERIALS Use felt, stuffing, and wire for your mouse, fancy fabric samples or scraps for the clothing, and decorate with embroidery, beads, lace, anything you want!! 


  • 6x8" - 15x20 cm Felt
  • Stuffing
  • Embroidery Floss
  • Sturdy Wire
  • Decorative Fabrics
  • 1/8" Ribbon
  • Sequins


  • Decorative items - lace, cord, beads, sequins, jewels, ribbon, fringe, feathers, etc!

SIZES + VIEWS This pattern includes patterns for Melba Undie Mouse, Teeny Triangle Bra, Micro Corset, Petite Tasseled Pasties, Slim Undies, Bitty Knickers, and Tiniest Sock.

Pattern download link will be emailed to you after checkout. It will arrive in a PDF format. Simply click, and print at 100% without scaling. You can download the pattern up to three (3) times, so make sure you download it on your personal computer and keep it filed in a safe place!

You may not sell items made using this pattern. This pattern is for personal enjoyment only.

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