Hello! Welcome to Business Consultation! 

Are you in need of an idea for your business? Looking for a holiday promo, new products or add-on services, or a new direction? Are you feeling stuck, not sure where to take your small business, or how to grow? 

You're in the perfect place! Send me a little email telling me about yourself, your business, what you're looking for, and we'll get on it! 

Send me a lil email here! 

How does it work?

I'll get your email, and I'll send you an invoice for two hours of work. Once your payment clears, we will set a date to have a Zoom meeting. 

Prior to our meeting, I'll spend an hour brainstorming, and I'll email you a cute lil google doc with all my ideas. You'll review the document before we meet, select any ideas that jump out at you, and jot down some notes. During our video meeting, we'll focus on those ideas, and further brainstorm and refine until we arrive at something you're excited about! 

Ready to book me? Send me your lil email here! 

How much does it cost? 

Your two hours of access to my brain is $250- what a bargain! If you decide you want to explore a different direction or you feel like we need more time to really nail the idea, go ahead and sign up for another block of sessions- I'll keep working as long as you want me to!!

Ready to rock?! 

I'm ready when you are! If you've got any questions, I'm around!