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Pay It Forward - Sponsor a Sewing Pattern


PRODUCT SPECIFICS  Sewing and fiber arts used to be the way people with limited resources created beautiful wardrobes. You can wear whatever you want, you only have to make it! Now, however, creative activities are often priced out for the people who once relied on them for their wardrobes as well as their creative outlets. 

OUR GOAL With this product Pay It Forward, we hope to promote a more financially inclusive crafting community.

  • If you have the budget, we would absolutely love you to add one or more sponsorships to your cart! 

HOW TO SPONSOR  How do I sponsor a pattern? 

  • Simply add the number of patterns you’d like to sponsor to your cart and checkout! 

WHO CAN USE  Who is eligible to receive a sponsored pattern?

  • If a sewing pattern is not within your budget, you are eligible. This is a no questions asked situation. 

HOW TO USE  How do I buy a sponsored pattern? 

  • Use the code SCHOLARSHIP during checkout. The code will be updated at the beginning of each month to include the sponsorships purchased during the previous month. 

  • If the code doesn’t work, there are no remaining sponsorships available this month. Try the code again around the first of the new month!

WHATS COVERED? What is covered?

  •  The SCHOLARSHIP code is $10 off your order, no exclusions. 

SPECIFIC RECIPIENT Can I send a sponsored pattern to someone in particular?

  • Sponsored patterns can be used by anyone.

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