You know when you're right in the middle of making something, or you just bought something amazing, and you start getting anxious because you can't wait to put it on and look at yourself in the mirror and dance around your house cause you're just so freakin excited?
That's how Sophie feels about underwear. 
Sophie Hines is the nerdiest nerd about fabric, sewing, and making things in general. She loves learning new techniques, the scientific explanations for what makes different fabrics act the way they do, and seriously seriously loves trying to make things perfectly. 
She loves when things are as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside, and that every time she makes a bra, each seam is a new chance to get it perfect. Practicing making something over and over again until every piece fits just right, every seam is right where it's supposed to be, everything is soft and cozy, and it just fits like a dream are her favourite things about making. 
sophie hines lingerie sewing patterns


 Sophie started sewing when she was three years old, learning by watching her mother. She practiced designing with paper dolls, where her favourite part was drawing the little undies onto the doll so she wouldn't be naked under her dresses. Her first ever dress was for her Bitty Baby, Megan, and she assumed that the techniques used in paper doll clothes would translate to making real clothes. Weirdly, that dress just did not fit over Megan's head. Since then, she's been on a quest to build new garments and perfect her sewing skills, like an underwear version of Jiro Dreams of Sushi.
In highschool, Sophie started selling her clothes at the local Farmer's Market. She studied fashion and textile design at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln, and graduated with fake honors. (The fashion students all made cords to wear together)
After focusing on lingerie for about five years, Sophie released her first lingerie sewing patterns, and began teaching her favourite lingerie techniques in classes around the US. She currently lives and teaches in Lincoln, Nebraska, (by way of Maine and Colorado) and has taught in New York, Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Denver, among others! 
Sophie Hines Ascension Soft Bra


Being comfortable in your clothes is one of the best ways to be comfortable with your body, and Sophie believes that putting on your favourite underwear is the best way to start a great day. We want you to have your favourite and best undies on, every day. Sophie is a huge feminist, believing that women deserve to wear lingerie that makes them feel comfortable, badass, beautiful, and empowered all of the time, not just when there's a romantic partner in the picture. You have things to do today, and being stabbed in the boobs by your bra is not one of them. 
We make each and every pattern and soft as silk sewing kits in our Lincoln, Nebraska studio, just for you
Our signature fabric is an organic bamboo jersey, which is sustainable, breathable, and antimicrobial, which means it's good for the earth and it's good for your body!!
All of our materials are sourced from within the USA and Canada - we are very passionate about worker's rights and livable wages. Your undies will not be coming at the cost of another person's life. Never. 
Questions? Send us an email at hello@sophiehines.com and Sophie will get back to you just as soon as she's overcome her crippling anxiety of reading emails!


We are super excited to have shipped lingerie and lingerie makin stuff to every single continent (except for antarctica, cause we haven't yet found a bra a penguin needs). I haven't counted the countries lately, but gosh it's a lot! We'd so love to thank every single awesome person who has supported this tiny business - you rock and we love you! xx Sophie