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Simple, geometric-based designs with clean lines and androgynous styling. All purpose, wear- anywhere, always comfortable. 
The brand takes influence from geometry and crystalline shapes, architecture, a love of pastels, human anatomy, glitter, pink, and an obsession with menswear. Our highest goal is making sure that every garment we make looks chill, functions well, and is incredibly soft and comfortable. We don't have time for uncomfortable garbage! 


Women are the strongest driving force in society, and I am here to empower women in the basic right of comfortable underwear. We are not objects. We have shit to do. You deserve to be comfortable throughout your day, hands down.
We donate profits from every garment sold to charities who work to value lives and restore human dignity. Last Spring we donated $400 to help Syrian refugees in Greece, and this year we're supporting all of the refugees via!


Bonjour. I am Sophie hines, and I make underwear! I have such a heart for women, feminism, and helping women find their voices and make their place in our world. I love yoga, walking around with my tiny dog, staying home, eating candy, and laying down. I'm so glad you found me- let's chill!