Where are you in the world? 

Currently, we are based near Chicago, Illinois.

We ship from Sedgwick, Maine, USA and Perth, Australia

Where do you source your materials?

I source my organic bamboo knit fabric from a company in Québec, Canada. All Period Panty Sewing Kit® fabrics come from American-based factories. My power mesh and swim suit spandex comes from a distributor in New York, and I get elastic from a woman owned business in Pennsylvania and a distributor in LA. I feel very strongly about sourcing from companies that I trust and who treat their employees with respect and pay living wages. This does affect the price of the material, but you get the satisfaction of knowing that each part of your undies is made with love! 


How do I find the correct size?

You can refer to our SIZING CHART or email me if you aren't sure about it! If you're between sizes, or need a custom size, just email us. We'll help you find the right fit! 

I'm between sizes or just unsure about my size.

Don't even worry about it! Bodies aren't all the same! If you're between sizes or generally unsure, I advise to size down. We use stretchy fabrics and multi-size hooks in our bra kits, so it's a pretty safe bet. 

My measurements aren't all the same as the size chart.

Totally fine! You can wear a Medium bra and Large panty if your body wants to do that! 

I'm making a bra, but my hip measurements don't match the measurements in the size column. What's going on?

If your boobs are a size Small, but your waist or hip measurements fit better in a different size, guess what! You don't have to worry about it cause you're only making a bra! Bras don't go on your butt! 

I'm making some undies, and my hip measurement is large, but only because I have wide hips and not much booty. What do I do about the whole crotch-area-being-too-long-situation?

We're in the process of getting a blog post up about this, but in the meantime, try shortening the length of the crotch by an inch or so, depending on how much extra you have! 


What are your policies on modeling with different bodies? 

Currently, Sophie models for our product photos. As we update patterns as part of our comprehensive Style Update, we commission photos from Lydia Morrow of What Lydia Made.

If you feel comfortable, we would love to see and display customer photos on social media to be able to provide a showcase of diverse customers and body types! Tag us @sophie_hines on Instagram, and @alltheunderwear on Facebook and Twitter so we can see them!!  


How long does it take to ship?

For orders containing patterns or kits, we ship within two weeks when all materials are in stock. Please keep in mind, though, that this is an idealistic goal and Sophie does what she can. Sometimes there are too many orders to get through speedily, and sometimes materials are not in stock. 

HOWEVER! Sophie Hines is currently run only by Sophie, who is one single disabled human. Due to the pandemic, it is not possible for Sophie to have shop assistants to help with order fulfillment or product production. Due to the aforementioned disability, Sophie does not work very fast. There will also be a longer wait around large order times such as the holidays etc. If you need something by a specific date, please order at least three months in advance, just to be safe. There is currently no way to know if the world will explode or Sophie will get sick, and these things affect the shipping times. 
ADDITIONALLY! Due to the pandemic, supply chains are constantly changing and evolving, as more and more factories, suppliers, and businesses go out of business or take breaks from order fulfillment. All of this affects the availability of sewing kit components + their shipping times. 
Please be assured, Sophie Hines, LLC is a real live business and Sophie will be creating, packing, and mailing your package personally. 
Orders with Digital Download Patterns will display the download link on the completed purchase page, and will be emailed to you. 
Physical Shipping is via USPS. Domestic USA shipping is Priority USPS, and takes about two days. International shipping is Priority First Class and takes about a week.

Do you ship internationally?

YES. To all of the countries, even yours!!

Where do you ship from?

Australia and New Zealand receive local shipping from our shipping partner in Perth, Australia.

Deliveries to all other countries are shipped from Sedgwick, Maine, USA

General shipping from Sedgwick, ME is $10 flat rate, $15 for Canada and Mexico, and $20 for all international countries.

For packages shipping from Perth, Australia, add a product to your cart to see shipping price options and specifics. 


Do you take returns? 

All sales are final. Sophie Hines does not offer refunds or cancel orders for change of mind, differences in color expectations, failure to read product descriptions, or issues with fit. 

Digital products may not be returned or refunded. 

In the extremely rare occurrence that your item arrives damaged or faulty, please contact us at hello@sophiehines.com within fourteen (14) days of arrival to sort out the issue.  

Why is the color of my bra kit not the same in person as online?

Our fabrics and strap elastic is all factory dyed, so it will be exactly the same material as portrayed online. Our notions, however, are a little different. We hand dye the notions and underbust elastic for our bralette sewing kits here in our studio, and although we try our best to match them each time - and we do use dyeing recipes! - the colors can be difficult to match exactly from batch to batch. 

I forgot to apply the sale coupon when I checked out! Can I get a partial refund?

We are unable to process partial refunds if you've forgotten to apply a coupon code. The box to enter your coupon code is on the checkout page - you must hit APPLY before the code will be applied to your order. If you've typed in the code but your order total hasn't changed, try pressing the APPLY button again. 


How do I get started with a Digital Download?

Your file will arrive in a ZIP file format. Simply click to unzip, and print at 100% without scaling. You can download the pattern up to three (3) times, so make sure you download it on your personal computer and keep it filed in a safe place! 

There will be a 4" box on the pattern - that page should be printed first. Check that the box has printed to the right size, then go ahead and print the rest of the pattern. If it hasn't printed the right size, check your scaling options in your print properties. 

If you're having difficulties with your printer, try using the Adobe Acrobat Reader.  

I cut up my pattern - do I need to buy it again? 

No you don't! You can print your new pattern as many times as you like, as long as you keep the file in a safe place!

I lost the pattern file. Can I download it again?

You can download your pattern from our website up to three (3) times. If you're not at a personal computer when you purchase the pattern, make sure you download the file onto a physical drive (flash drive or hard drive), or wait till you get home to download! Keep your file in a safe place so you don't lose it!

My friend would love this pattern! Can I email it or print out a copy for her? 

No, that wouldn't be chill! You're welcome to use the pattern to make as many garments for as many people as you'd like, but you cannot sell or give away the pattern. It is just for you!

Can I sell garments made from these patterns, or say that I designed it? 

Nope! My patterns are my designs, just like the garments I sell in my shop. Any garment you make with my design cannot be sold, including Ebay and Etsy shops. You may not sell copies of the pattern, or claim any ownership of the patterns or garments made from them. 

Patterns released by Sophie Hines, LLC are for personal home use only and may not be used for any commercial purposes. 

If you would like to use a pattern released by Sophie Hines, LLC for a commercial project such as a work of film or television, editorial images to be submitted for publication, or any other commercial project other than commercial reproduction of the garments for sale, please email Sophie at hello@sophiehines.com to request a commercial release for use of the pattern.


What are the digital files included in the download? 

The digital file download link included with each copy of the printed pattern contains the extra files that accompany the PDF pattern. These can include color block planning sheets, diagrams of the pattern pieces and how they go together, and photosets; all the files that we put together to enhance your experience and make creating your garments easier and more fun! The download also includes a digital copy of the Instructions, in case you prefer to have them on hand in your digital library as part of your sewing process. 

Does the digital file download include copies of the pattern files?

The digital file download link included with each copy of the printed pattern do not include any copies of the pattern files. This download is access to the digital extras that are included with the PDF pattern, so you get everything the PDF file holders receive! 

What is the coupon code included with the pattern? 

The unique coupon code included with each copy of the printed patterns is good for 15% off one downloadable PDF copy of the pattern. It is non-transferrable within the product catalogue, and will only apply to a copy of the pattern it came with.

If you correct or update the pattern, will I get shipped a new copy of the pattern?

Paper patterns are unique stand-alone products, and are excluded from the automatic system that allows access to PDF product updates. If you would like access to any product updates that may be released in the future, we have provided a coupon code with each pattern to help supply you with the digital copy. 




Your kits and patterns are all assembled in a house where this dog, Lola, lives. Although we do rigorously lint-roll during and after production, you may happen upon one of her hairs in your package. Lucky You! Make a wish!