Style Update + Size Inclusivity Initiative

Lydia Morrow wearing the Ascension Soft Bra colorblocked in pinks and reds

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We are currently in the process of a massive project: we are updating our entire pattern catalogue! This update and re-release of each of our patterns, one by one, is interspersed with the release of new patterns. Our project began at the start of 2021 with the development of our Ascension Soft Bra, and we are about halfway through! We are moving through the rest of our patterns, adding, editing, and reworking each one to bring them up to our new standards.


- Design - we have updated our pattern branding since releasing our first patterns, and will be redoing the older patterns to match our new style!

- Layout - sometimes after living with a pattern for a while, we decide there is a more cohesive way to organize the many many puzzle pieces that make up each packet. Everybody loves a re-organize now and then!

- Format - the design of our original patterns have lighter fonts and thinner illustration lines. They will be changed to our new style which is bolder, clearer, and easier to read.

- Technical Information - we will be adding more detailed charts, finished garment measurements, fitting assistance, etc!

- Errata - as is common, we have found errors in our published patterns through the years. Now's the time to make sure everything is as perfect as can be!


As we have grown in experience and confidence as a pattern company since 2016, we have been adding sizes to our patterns as we have published them. This comprehensive Size Inclusivity Initiative will bring all patterns into our new twelve size range, covering XXS to 6X, up to 72 inch bust. 


We will be adding D/E cup options to our top and bra patterns in each of our twelve sizes. This doubles the amount of pattern options in each top and bra pattern! 

This is the bulk of the work in this project, as each pattern needs to have all of its existing views graded out, D/E cup styles designed, graded, tested, and perfected, and instructions and technical charts updated to include these new views. 

Our testing runs are paid and run for about two weeks. We announce tests on our Instagram, and select testers via applications on our website. If you'd like to take part, make sure to follow us there


Our first patterns were released with only the home print format. Some of them have been updated with copy shop files, but they may not be in standard formats. The Style Update will include all the following formats:

- Home Print - the standard cut + tape format, to be used on all standard home printers.

- Print Shop US sizing

- Print Shop AO Sizing

- New! Projector File - this is our newest format, designed with the help of Minimalist Machinist


We are thrilled to announce that all pattern print formats will include layers for each size! There's nothing we love more than making your life easier, and we hope you enjoy this added level of accessibility!  


With each pattern's re-release, we will be updating the pattern product page to include plus size photos! This is something many of you have been wanting for a long time, and we are so excited to include it in this project. Our current Plus Size Model is Lydia Morrow, who is another Disabled Maker who sews her own garment samples and styles and directs the shoots!


With the addition of all of these new files, formats, views, technical information, photoshoots, and general improvement, each pattern will come with a price increase upon its re-release. This increase differs between patterns, as some have more or less grading to do, bottom patterns don't need additional D/E views, some patterns are just larger and require more time, space, and labor. Generally, you can expect a $4-10 increase. 

Until their re-release, patterns will remain at their current pricing. Upon the update release, all current patternholders will receive an email with a new download link to the updated files. If you have purchased the pattern at any time in the past, you will receive the update for free. 

Hot tip: It may not technically be a loophole if we explicitly state it, but- purchasing a pattern before it's updated will get you all the new stuff for free! For some patterns, that will be a 50% discount!


As we update our patterns, we plan to have them available in a professionally printed format, and available at all the fun and regular retailers. 

If you are a vendor and would like to sign up for details of our print runs, you can sign up here



We are currently working on: 

The Ouse Dress + Top! Our first dedicated swim top, rash guard sewing pattern, activewear top, and dress! Coming Spring/Summer 2024.

Next Up: 

The Hadal Swing Top. A loose fitting loungewear top with decorative surface design lines that can be layered or stacked with the Axis Tank to create a supportive crop top or swim top.