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Design Development Sheets - Downloadable PDF + PNG


This is a downloadable PDF + PNG Sewing Tool.

Use these sheets to help you collect inspiration and design your projects! 

The Design Inspiration sheet can be used as a physical sketchbook and collage, or you can save it onto your computer or tablet and explore digitally. 

The Design Development sheet can also be used physically or digitally, and is meant to plan a specific project or pattern, as well as record your modifications and fit notes as you go, for your future reference. 

Available in a rainbow of colors to match your mood or sewing space color scheme, as well as black and white for home printing. 

 The download link will be emailed to you after checkout. It will arrive in a ZIP file format. Simply click to unzip, and print at 100% without scaling. You can download the tool up to three (3) times, so make sure you download it on your personal computer and keep it filed in a safe place!

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