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Cofunction Lingerie Travel Bag - Downloadable PDF Sewing Pattern


This is a downloadable PDF Sewing Pattern.

I am not joking, this bag has revolutionized my traveling habits for years. You put all your delicates into the to wear bag, and when you've worn something you put it into the to wash bag! All of your socks and undies are organized, no forgetting your favourite bra in the hotel bathroom, no TSA bag check has to dig through your undies. When you get home, everything in the wash bag goes right in the hamper, and everything left in the wear bag goes back in the drawer! Literally changed my life. 

The Lingerie Travel Bag PDF Pattern is a free, downloadable, print at home PDF file. It makes two zipper pouches that are the perfect size for a trip’s worth of lingerie – one for clean and one for laundry!! The template for the words to wash + to wear is included in the pattern!

This pattern comes as a free download.

Have fun! 

A complete sewing tutorial with pictures can be found on our blog

You may not sell garments made using this pattern. 

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