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Sophie Hines Euler Bralette Sewing Pattern and Sewing Kit featured in the Fancy Tiger Crafts 2017 Gift Guide

Fancy Tiger Crafts Gift Guide 2017 Featuring the Euler Bralette Sewing Pattern and Kit by Sophie Hines 


Nylon   Feminist Lingerie

Nylon   Bluestockings Boutique Queer Lingerie

The Lingerie Addict   Sophie Hines - Soft Bras with an Edge

The Lingerie Addict   Lingerie Tips for Trans Women and Other Transfeminine Folks

The Lingerie Addict   The Moral Paradox of Ethical Lingerie

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Fancy Tiger Crafts   Gift Guide 2017

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Tauko Magazine   Issue No. 3

Los Angeles Times   Aerialist Performers at Coachella 2016


Sew News Magazine August - September 2018 Issue Featuring the Euler Bralette and Euler Bralette Modification Pack Sewing Patterns by Sophie Hines


Seamwork   Elastic Application Tutorial

Seamwork   How to Finish Underwear with Knit Bands Instead of Elastic by Taylor Pruitt - Sewing Tutorial featuring the Median Knickers by Sophie Hines

Bernina We All Sew   Tips for Sewing Swimsuits Using Lingerie Patterns by Katie Kortman - Sewing Tutorial featuring the Axis Tank and Median Knickers by Sophie Hines

Sew News   Bra Sewing 101 - 9 Tips to Know

Sew News   Bra Sewing 101 - Aug - Sep 2018

Sew News   Bra Sewing 101 - Oct - Nov 2018

Sew News   Bra Sewing 101 - Dec - Jan 2019

Britex Fabrics   Lingerie Sewing - Fabrics of Different Stretch

Britex Fabrics   Styling Lingerie - Hemming Silk Tutorial

Britex Fabrics   Sewing Lingerie - Adding Accent Trim into Seams

Britex Fabrics   Sewing Lingerie - How to Sew a Lined Crotch 

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