Pocket Bunny Sewing Camp meets every other week on Video Chat to share and discuss our sewing project plans and updates. We have Project Show and Tell to share how our plans are turning out, then have a general discussion time where we talk about our wardrobe aspirations, trade tips, material sources, and sewing time audiobook and podcast recommendations, and have very lovely friendship!

We love friends of all ability and interest levels, and have had first time sewists learning to make their first garments, historical sewists making period pieces, knitters and crocheters, and a whole year where half of us were making wedding dresses! 

If you ever get to a point with a project where you feel stuck or aren't sure how to execute an idea or pattern modification, Sophie is available for any project questions you have! 

In addition to the video chats, Pocket Bunny Sewing Camp has a private chat server on our Discord Channel to record discussion notes, photos, resources, and project updates. 

We meet on Thursdays at 7pm Central Time, and would absolutely love to see you there! To join us, sign up for the Pocket Bunny Sewing Camp tier on our Patreon, and follow our meeting calendar! 

iCal: Pocket Bunny Sewing Camp Meeting Calendar

Gcal: Pocket Bunny Sewing Camp Meeting Calendar